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XPS 7100 5670-or-5770 3 monitor config -- PreSales

We're looking at an XPS 7100 with either a Radeon HD 5670 -OR- 5770 card.  We want to run 3 monitors, one with a different resolution.  (1920x1200, 1920x1200, 1920x1080.  for  NON-gaming  (2d) applications.   Everything I've read about Eyefinity suggests that all three monitors need to be the same resolution for gaming.  This machine is NOT for Gaming. 

We are planning on buying 2 Dell U2410 Ultra Sharp monitors for this package.

Can either the Radeon  5670 -or- 5770 support 3 monitors of different resolutions for one desktop?   

--if NOT--  

Would the 5670 be compatible with a cheaper second PCIe video  card.  (To support 3 monitors on spanning desktop. )   

Is the 5670 a one slot card or a two slot card?  (like the 5770) 




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Re: XPS 7100 5670-or-5770 3 monitor config -- PreSales

There is a "what do I buy" section (link at top of page).  That is probably the best place for your what do I buy question.

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Re: XPS 7100 5670-or-5770 3 monitor config -- PreSales

Thanks for the heads up about the "what do I buy" section.   However this is a pretty specific  video question.   I think I need on experts on desktop video to answer this question.    I've already tried going though sales on the phone / email / chat and got different uninformed answers.  I'm betting this forum has the guru's in it. 

I'm wondering if a Radeon HD 5670 -or- HD 5770 will support 3 monitors at different resolutions.   I'm pretty sure that when games access the ATI card directly (Eyfinity? ) that they require identical resolutions.    But I think the setting up the 3 monitors though the OS (Win7 Pro ) should support a monitor at a different resolution.  (correct? ) 




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Re: XPS 7100 5670-or-5770 3 monitor config -- PreSales

Yes, you can use different resolutions, but it will probably scale your center monitor to match the others.

I do not think the Ati Radeon HD5670 supports Ati Eyefinity? I thought it was these video cards -
Ati Radeon HD5770 (Juniper XT GCJ42 DVI-D/DVI-D/DP/HDMI)
Ati Radeon HD5870 (Cypress XT 2XTG4 DVI-D/DVI-D/DP/HDMI)
Ati Radeon HD5970 (Hemlock DW5CW DVI-D/DVI-D/MiniDP)

* Possible Configurations
DVI-DVI-DP = DVI, DVI, DP, HDMI disabled
DVI-DVI-DVI = DVI, DVI, DP to DVI adapter, HDMI disabled
DVI-VGA-DP = DVI, DVI to VGA adapter, DP, HDMI disabled
VGA-VGA-VGA = DVI to VGA adapter, DVI to VGA adapter, DP to VGA adapter, HDMI disabled
DVI-VGA-HDMI = DVI, DVI disabled, DP to VGA adapter, HDMI

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Re: XPS 7100 5670-or-5770 3 monitor config -- PreSales

It appears this card may meet your needs:

Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 Flex 1GB 

If what I read is correct, you can natively connect 3 monitors, (or a 4th if you have a DisplayPort monitor or proper DisplayPort-to-DVI adapter)

There are a few limitations... you need a good power supply... 500w? I believe you can't use the high resolutions found on some 27" or 30" monitors since one of the DVI adapters is single-link and one is dual-link. It's not the most powerful gaming system out there. It's fairly wide. No idea how noisy it is -- I've tried graphics cards that sound like jets taking off.

The videos on YouTube show 3 average DVI monitors running using the 2 DVI ports and an included HDMI-DVI connector.

I'm hoping to get something like this in my next computer to drive my two modest DVI monitors and HDMI TV -- even if I have to built it myself. I would prefer if Dell came out with a decent system, of course.

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