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Q9450 / QX9650 running on a XPS 720

Hello everyone,

               First post here. Just wanted to share my experiences with a Q9450 and a QX9650 on my XPS 720.


          Well I can get both cpu's to post sometimes(1 out of 30). The 9450 seems to run ok if it starts. Haven't had time to let it run any length of time yet. No reboots or anything. Will say that neither cpu will post 2 times in a row. If you try to restart in windows it will not repost. On reboot nothing then the fans start to dwindle in speed.


   Pretty much the same ordeal with the 9650, only it seems to be less stable. Going to wear out the power button trying to get these things to work.


    Followed other posts here and others seem to be getting about the same results. Anyone having true steady performance with either of these cpu's.


    Hope to hear back from some others with their board info, am guessing this would be about the only variable between us. Unless it truly is something between nvida and intel.


        Running windows xp, A06 Bios. Cpuz shows the board as a  0p611c.


        Really like the xps 720 case, other than the size. Hate to have to put it to the side to build a new machine to run these cpu's.

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Re: Q9450 / QX9650 running on a XPS 720

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Re: XPS 720 BIOS A06 Released

I am currently running the Q9550 on my 720 with the A06 bios version. Everything is working fine per: performance, temps, volts, loads, etc. However, the cpu fan currently runs at 100%, and I get a boot up message stating that this cpu is not supported by the system. In the device manager it lists all 4 cpu's but they are listed as unknown device. And on the windows computer information screen it lists the processor as 2.83 ghz (it does not list all the details like intel core 2 quad etc..) Everest, Ntune, and Real temp all show details for all 4 cores. Temps run nice and low 20c's to 30c's with Tj max's in the 60's. Other than boot up message and LOUD fan, It runs fine. A big performance boost comming from the E6750.

There still needs to be a bios update to fully support the 45nm cpu. Currently I am in the process of getting a 4pin fan adapter so I can run my cpu fan straight to the power supply. Hopefully this will lower the cpu fan speed..

I'll update after fan mod.

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Re: XPS 720 BIOS A06 Released

Well just to update you. I have installed a Zalman ZM-MFC1 fan controller earlier today. I did have to do some splicing to get the fans to work correctly. The Dell 4 wire fan cords did not connect to the standard 3 pin (cord) connectors that came with the fan controll unit. So anyway.. It have been running in my system for about 5 hours now, with no problems. I did stress tests with Prime95, Real Temp as well as ntune. While monitering temps with everest and real temp. It passed all tests.

My fans are turned down low.. wow, they are nice and quiet! I will monitor temps with real temp as I run games and applications. Currently with fans set to low speed all 4 cpu's stay in the 20-30c temps, never going into the 40c's. The good thing is, I can up the fans if things get hot.

In conclusion... Yes the Q9550 is working fine in the 680i mobo. With a slight modification to control the fans. The only downside is the message at boot up. But I can live with hitting F1 once a day

Thank you all for the advice and feedback, much a ppreciated..