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XPS 8100 Shutting Down

I have a XPS Studio 8100 desktop that has started to exhibited a new behavior.  Several times I have come into the den to use this computer and it has been shut down. When I restart it I get a message  that says something like"battery has reached its critical mass...."What battery is it referring to? This desktop is always plugged in. There is a battery icon in the system tray near the clock and the power plan is set to Dell. I have never changed the power options. Right now the battery icon is showing the charge at 100%. Again I am not sure what battery this is referrring to. 

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This could be referring to the coin cell CMOS battery on the motherboard.

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Are these batteries standard?  I also get an error when I try to go to 

This message seems more like it should apply to a laptop battery but I will replace the coin battery and see if that corrects the problem. My XPS Studio 8100 is a desktop. 

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