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Re: eSeries IRRT mode giving BSD's on XP (Sp1) (SP2) (Sp3) (Sysprep's)

Hi there,

Well, integrating the IRRT drivers to the Windows XP (Sp1), (SP2), (SP3) CD is also another way if you are planning to create a new image, however, for cases where there are already images in place that supports multiple system models, let's say 20 different Dell System models, would be not a good option to start a fresh install since, doing it that way, will cause to work "again" in making that fresh install compatible with all of those system models; and believe me.... that's something you do not want to be -redoing again.

That's why, I had to find a way to get around that BSD screen I was getting when we were trying to add the e4300 and e6400 laptop models to our EXISTING images.  Back then, lots of companies were having the same issue where not even Dell had a way to fix that.  Therefore, this solution worked for our images, and in general for some other folks that the option of starting a new fresh install (image) would not be a not so well decision to take.

And, again, I do not have your case scenario’s details, where this fixes were not working for your (custom XP install); that diversity, like driver presence, could be a reason this fix may not work for you.

However, let me tell you that by using this method, it is now for me way a lot easier to add any system when trying to add new system models to our EXISTING images


-Thank you for looking at my post and I'm sorry to hear that for your particular scenario did not work for you 😉

 Take care J




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