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entering bios

Well, after 4 weeks of tech support troubleshooting problems on my 4 week old computer, he finally wants me to format, and reinstall Win 98, using my recovery CD. Only problem is, now when I try to get into the Bios during bootup using delete key at the DELL logo, my system just continues to boot up right to the desktop. What am I doing wrong?
System is a new Dell Dimension 4100.

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It can vary depending on your machine. On mine, it IS the delete key...I just press "Delete" every so often during boot. On some other Dells,s it may be the F2 key.

When you see the Dell boot screen, press the "Esc" key...the Dell screen will minimize and the key to enter setup can be read near the bottom of your screen.

Good Luck...Dan
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Thanks Dan, I finally got in.......Brad
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