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"tuner not installed" and ehrecvr error on xps 730

i will try and keep this as short as possible...
i have an xps 730 (service tag on profile).
I tried to watch TV on windows media centre (WMC) the other day but i recieved an error message stating "TV tuner not installed". i got the same error when i tried to go through the TV signal setup process in WMC aswell.
I have tried many different fixes for this problem including reinstallation of drivers from both Dell and Hauppauge (although it should be noted that i couldnt not find drivers for my exact TV card on the hauppauge website). (wintv HVR 1200)

When i accessed administrator tools and had a look at the error log i discovered that errors relating to "ehRecvr" began on november 8th for no apparent reason.
this is a copy of the information in the event log...

"The description for Event ID 4 from source ehRecvr cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.

If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.

The following information was included with the event:

Hauppauge WinTV 885 Tuner

the message resource is present but the message is not found in the string/message table"

I have noticed from the event log that these errors appear in pairs...
firstly relating to "Hauppauge WinTV 885 BDA Tuner/Demod  c0040515"  then 3 seconds later to "Hauppauge WinTV 885 Tuner 80004005".

I also noticed that on the day these errors began windows update installed an update for windows defender (I'm not sure wether this is related or not) so i used system restore to do a restore back to november 4th, 4 days before these errors began appearing.

unfortunately this did not fix the problem.

I have emailed Hauppauge tech support with this issue but have received no reply.
From my research on the internet i have found that this "Tv Tuner not installed" error is quite common but more so in Windows XP systems, and i was unable to find a definative fix for the problem.

Several other users have stated that they downloaded other windows TV veiwing software and they have worked without a problem, showing the card is not faulty. i have not done this yet but suspect i will have the same outcome. also, my tv card is visable on my list of installed hardware.

In addition to this, another piece of information which may help is that when i used the Dell driver CD to reinstall the drivers the resource CD program detected all of the components of my computer but did not detect my hauppauge tv card for some reason?

I am hoping you can tell me other XPS730 users have had the same problem and you are aware of a fix for this issue because at the moment my TV card is useless.

P.s. i have just spent 2 hours on the phone to xps support where they got me to run system diagnostics and reinstall drivers all over again but nothing has fixed this issue.

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Re: "tuner not installed" and ehrecvr error on xps 730

I had the EXACT same thing happen to me around the same time.  The only difference b/w my system and your's is that i have the WinTv 1250 tuner. 

We really need Dell_ChrisM to figure this out seeing as how he is one of hte more helpful admins around.

I am going to reinstall the factory default image to see if that resolves anything regarding the tv tuner.  I'll let you know what the outcome is when i get around to it. 

I think it could be a windows update that might've *** up the tuner.  If anyone else has any resolutions please post your findings.

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Re: "tuner not installed" and ehrecvr error on xps 730

Have the same problem. Have an xps410. Tried the usual, updated drivers, tried web site fixes. Even talked with live people. Then googled "tv tuner not found" and got a long list of hits. Including this one. Seems this is a recurring problem, beginning with the  first Media Center. It happens to all brands of computers, a variety of tuners and knows no country or language boundaries. The only thing in common is Microsoft. In other words it does not discriminate. For many years I had a tuner but never ran it associated with Windows, it was independent. Never had any problems. So, since there are so many of us with this problem, is there any way we can sort of band together to put some real pressure on Microsoft to fix this problem? Or perhaps we should use a tuner seperately from MCE. Some things to consider. What do you think?

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Re: "tuner not installed" and ehrecvr error on xps 730

I have a Dell Dimenension 8400 with the same problem,( tv tuner not available). Have tried every approach to the problem with no results. I think a solution to this problem from Microsoft would be great.

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Re: "tuner not installed" and ehrecvr error on xps 730

I also have an xps 730x. It is only a week and a half old and have a hauppauge 1250 tuner installed. WMC says TV tuner not installed. I also spent 2 hours with tech support. He accessed my computer remotely and couldn't fix it. H ealso got me to remove the tuner from the computer, clean the contacts and reinstall it and still nothing. He is sending a technitian out with a new tuner for my system. After reading lots of other posts about this problem I'm doubting that it is a defective tuner. I think I might send this computer back since I'm still in the 30 day return window and this in my opinion counts as being a defective computer.

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Re: "tuner not installed" and ehrecvr error on xps 730

I had similar experience. WMC was working fine and all of a suddent it started complaining that the TV tuner hardware is not installed. As my warranty is still valid, so I did not do any research on this issue and contacted Dell support immediately. They spent couple of hours...and no help..they offerred me to send a new card..which I said ok..but the new card also did not make the WMC to recognise it....


So I left it there for couple of weeks, and today I got some time to do the research..and it did not take me much time to resolve the issue...

I simply downloaded the latest driver from the my available drivers on the Dell site...and thats it..the WMC started working again..

This is what I downloaded.

ATI ATI Theater™ 650 PRO Combo Analog/Digital TV Tuner


I also tried this ..but did not make any difference...if the updating driver doesn't may try this:

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Re: "tuner not installed" and ehrecvr error on xps 730

I had a bear of a time getting a Hauppauge HVR-1600 to work on my XPS 420 with Vista Home Premium 32-bit. I had all sorts of issues--Tv Tuner not installed, BSODs, missed recordings, mismatched audio and video, and the system forgetting saved stations.


How did I get it to work?


I downloaded the latest version of the drivers from this page: (version 4.6A+). I don't know if there is a separate download for Vista 64-bit.


The file was unzipped. First, I ran the file hcwclear.exe to clear out all of the drivers and software. The computer was rebooted.


Next, I ran the setup file from the unzipped folder. When the setup screen came up I only installed the drivers (step 1). I did not install any other software.


Windows Media Center recognized the card and scanned for channels. I've been using WMC for over a month without a hitch.

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Re: "tuner not installed" and ehrecvr error on xps 730

Has anyone figured out the solution for this yet? I now have the Same problem. I've tried EVERTHING that has been suggested, with no improvement.

Whenever i try to load or update the Drivers, this comes up: "The hardware was not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software."

Has anyone solved this problem after all this?



To the other poster that said we should all get together to put pressure on Microsoft, COUNT ME IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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