Dell Dimension 4600 won't boot, 6 beeps

If anyone could offer any advice, I'd really appreciate it...When I turn on the computer there is a series of 6 beeps, and it won't boot up. The diagnostic lights in the back, A and C are green, and B and D are orange(?) The machine is running. But after the beeps there is just nothing. I replaced the power source, still no good. This happened for a couple of wks, but eventually it booted, I'm not that lucky anymore.

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Re: Dell Dimension 4600 won't boot, 6 beeps

You should note the sequence of the beeps as this is a diagnostic aid. the Light code indicates a expansion card possible failure which could be a video, sound or some such card plugged into the mother board.

so listen to the beeps and see if it backs up the light code.

You can find the Diagnostic light codes and Beep codes HERE <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

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