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This may sound odd, but i have seem to have deleted the Dell wallpaper which was shipped with my Dimension8200. I seemed to like this wallpaper so could anybby please e-mail their wallpaper to the following address:



Murali Muniyappa

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RE: Dell Wallpaper

It isn't odd, just strange that Dell doesn't put it on the CD's shipped with the box. I did the same thing.

In any case, it is on its way.

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RE: Dell Wallpaper

I have a Dell Dimension 8200 at home with the wallpaper you refer to. I'd like to use it at the office on my Optiplex 240 running Win 2000 professional. Where do I find it on my Dimension and how do I transfer it to the Optiplex? Thanks!


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RE: Dell Wallpaper

Hi Tom:

IF your Dimension 8200 is confugured as mine is you will find the wallapaper files in c:\windows\web\wallaper
I belive the file you are looking for is called dell.gif.
By the way, I recently had to reformat my own PC - a Dimension 8200 and lost my factory installed Dimension Wallpaper.
Can you do me a huge favor and let me know if you can sent email it to me? I've been on the tech support line With Dell - nobody seems to have any clue where I can find this UNIIQUE wallaper. I have found lots of Dell Wallpaper out there on the net, but NOT the one I am looking for.
Thank you so much and take care,



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