Optiplex 320 does not boot

Hello everyone,
I have purchased an Optiplex 320 for 1 week, and one day it has failed to start. The power button is solid amber, but it does NOT make the preliminary check, does NOT show anything on the screen, it simply stays black, with only the fans from the CPU and Power supply started.
I have performed the check Dell recommends, removed drives, memories, etc, but still nothing. The PC acts the same way. No bios update was performed.
Can you help me?

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Re: Optiplex 320 does not boot

Well the easy answer is if you've only had it for a week, you can return it within 21 days for a system that works. Or, if your power button is solid amber and it still happens with your internal components removed, I would say that you have a bad motherboard. Dell should be able to diagnose that and replace it either way. Did you buy the system new from Dell or from someone else, because I don't quite understand why they didn't take care of that for you.
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