I feel just straight stupid here, but Im in a jam .... check this stupid move ... I have an optiplex 210  and am running XP ... well I was looking for a little more security and ... you guessed it I am now completely locked out of my computer ... it seems to me that I remember the password, but I must be wrong. I dont know whats going on as I have used the password before, all I did was install a better surge protector and some better speakers .. things that should have no effect upon this situation but I am here.

now what I did do in the beginning was to go into the setup  at the start and install some passwords so now at this point I cannot do anything at all until I can figure out a way to bypass this and reset the machine back to the way it was previously. I have learned my lesson please let there be an easy fix for this problem.

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Re: lock-out

Which version of the system do you have the desktop or the mini tower? It sound to be like you set a password in the Bios which you can reset by using the password  jumper.  If you have the desktop model go HERE scroll down to the jumper setting and it will show you the jump on the motherboard and the position to place it in. For the Mini tower go HERE <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell> and scroll down

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