Dell u2414h usb hub not working

Hello. I have Dell U2414U REVA03, and few days ago usb hub stop working (in device manager showing like unknown device)

first unknown device




I had already reinstall OS, change all cables, made factory reset in monitor settings, connect cabel to different usb in PC
but no luck

Help me please to solve this problem

thanks in advance


RE: Dell u2414h usb hub not working

Hello hotpoint84,

the unknown devices in your post can be identifyed as the usb 3.0 Hub, located on the Monitor.

Can you please check the display tab in your device manager? Is the monitor correctly recognized or only a "standard display" or other...

I recommend to try the following Driver, to install the Monitor on your system.

For further diagnostic, i need more infos:

- What kind of desktop or laptop computer is connected to the monitor?

- Which operating system is used?

- Is there a usb 3 support on the system?

- Are there any software or hardware changes on this system?

- Is the USB uplink cable connected to an usb 3 port from system?

- Can you please try to connect an usb 3 device directly on the computer and is it working?

- Finally you can send me the PPID serial from backside of the Monitor by private message, so i can check the service contracts.

Best regards


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