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SSL Cert installation on ECS 2.2


I could not find the steps to install SSL cert on ECS for the various ports, so am listing down what I have done so far.

1) I had initially configured ECS with a self signed certificate.

2) Ran the command below to generate new private key and CSR file

openssl req -newkey  rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout domain.key -sha256 -out domain.csr

3) Got the 2 files domain.key and domain.csr as o/p. The domain.key file starts with


but when verify is run, it shows


4) On supplying the CSR file to our CA, I got a 2 files, one called certnew.cer and another certnew.p7b

5) Followed the commands in attached file to install the cert.

Below are the issues -

1) The commands seem to succeed for install of certs on ports 4443 and 443, but failed on 9021 (error message attached).

2) When trying to access the portal via port 443, it still seems to be defaulting to the self signed cert.

How can I make ECS to use the new certs installed and not the self signed.

How to make the cert get installed on port 9021.

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Re: SSL Cert installation on ECS 2.2

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