Poweredge R320 - Disk error

Good afternoon,

We have a disk error and a disk warning on 2 physical disks in our Dell PowerEdge R320.

The physical disk 0:1:0 - is in error state and completely offline

The physical disk 0:1:3 - is in a warning state, but the disk is online

The server crashed this morning and the mentioned disks had been flagged as "foreign" disk.
After importing the foreign disks, the server started normally, but we still have one disk in an error state and one disk in a warning state.

Disk details:

Bus: SAS
Size: 585.38 GB
Product ID: ST600MM0006

Could you please send me a quote for 2 replacement disks for the our powerEdge server R320 ?

Best regards,
Daniel Brücher
Autosdiffusion M. Losch

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