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Key Practices for a Healthy NAS on Cloud

Typically, today’s NAS systems are easy to deploy and can be brought into production within minutes. However, efficiently managing the file storage continues to create problems for administrators. In this Knowledge Sharing article, Sujith Kumar and Krishna Prasad present key practices to follow that will enable you to avoid obstacles when it comes to managing your NAS storage.

Many of the challenges faced by today’s IT organizations come from the disruption incurred while moving data. All major NAS activities like data migrations, consolidations, and upgrades take a long time and are highly people-intensive. The difficulty in separating active and inactive data storage compromises storage efficiency. Consequently, administrators spend hours finding the data and appropriate resources and coordinating all these activities.

Sujith’s and Krishna’s article provides an overview of some of those day-to-day challenges and a high level discussion of some important practical approaches which would help ease the NAS administrator’s job. Their article also discusses a possible approach for automating many of the NAS management jobs by introducing NAS into cloud.

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