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New Opportunities @ the Crossroads of M2M & Big Data

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication has evolved over the years and is considered by many experts as the next technology disruption. A machine could be any device that can be connected to the network and can securely exchange information with other devices over wired or wireless networks.

The four core steps in M2M are:

1. Collection of data at source – Source could be a device that captures machine data.

2. Securely transferring data over wired/wireless network/networks – In this step, data is encrypted at source and sent over wired or wireless networks. It could be WAN, LAN, WIFI or be decrypted and stored in a data store.

3. Data Assessment – Decrypted data is then analyzed by experts to drive conclusions. This data is monitored continuously.

4. Take Action – Based on the conclusion, appropriate actions can be taken, such as controlling the devices at source from centralized locations and issuing healing commands.

Then there is Big Data. Characterized by ‘the 3 Vs’—volume, velocity, and variety—Big Data combines structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data which generally exceeds the capacity of traditional data warehousing software. Big Data primarily uses Hadoop to process the large data much faster and create valuable insights for business.

M2M and Big Data play a significant role in technology disruption like cloud computing, mobility, and social. A world of new opportunities are created for enterprises when two disruptive technologies meet at the crossroads. M2M help devices communicate and gather a large amount of internal and external data. Internal data is commonly known as an enterprise’s own data while external data is outside the enterprise or something beyond the control of the enterprise. Using Big Data, enterprises can analyze the various collected data sets to enable great insight that can create huge opportunity for business.

In this Knowledge Sharing article, Prakash Hiremath explores the new opportunities created by merging M2M and Big Data technology, highlighting cases that outline the opportunities created at the crossroads of these disruptive technologies.

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