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Transforming Lives through Augmented Reality

In this Knowledge Sharing article – awarded Best of Emerging Technology in the 2017 Knowledge Sharing Competition – Mohammed Hashim discusses market trends, fundamentals and working of Augmented Reality (AR) and Milgram’s Reality-Virtuality Continuum. The article serves as a great guide for enterprises adopting AR into mainstream business, catalysts and challenges and solution implementation with Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA).

The article would help organizations, customers, technology partners, solution architects, and futurists explore beyond predictable business models to embrace the AR ecosystem with VPA and discover new digital opportunities

Read the full article here

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Re: Transforming Lives through Augmented Reality

Two years passed after your massage, and I want to mention that AR not transforming our lives anymore, it already has changed every sphere of it. I work at a company that develop AR software, and it already has clients from food & beverage, retail, fashion, beauty industry, and education
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