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Command Update vs Support Assist vs Website Scanning?


When we have a user experiencing any strangeness with their laptop, we generally have them make sure they have drivers, BIOS, etc all up to date.  Right now we have them run Dell Command Updates and let it scan for whatever it finds as being outdated.  However, I'm told that the DCU library isn't always up to date as it might take a few weeks from when a new driver gets released to when it gets into DCU.

The alternatives that I know of are going to and letting the website scan a laptop to see what is out of date or actually installing  SupportAssist on the laptops and letting that scan for updates.

Are there pros and cons of each of the options and reasons why I'd want to choose one over the other?  What does everyone else do in your environments?

I've seen posts online about SupportAssist crashing laptops or that DCU isn't reliable so I'm just looking for the best option.


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