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Is CatalogPC.cab broken?

Our automation tools are having issues downloading BIOS packages for certain Dell models. The author says that the Dell source XML is corrupt. This has been reported by other users as well on TechNet.

Looks like these models are having issues so far:

Latitude 12 Rugged Tablet 7202
Latitude 5250
Latitude 5450
Latitude 5495
Latitude 5550
Latitude 7250
Latitude 7285
Latitude E5250
Latitude E5450
Latitude E5550
OptiPlex 5055 A-Series
OptiPlex 5055 Ryzen CPU
Precision Rack 7910
Precision Tower 5810
Precision Tower 7810
Precision Tower 7910
Venue 11 Pro 7130
Venue 11 Pro 7130 vPro
XPS 15 9575

Not sure where to get support for this, if anyone knows please chime in.




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Re: Is CatalogPC.cab broken?

Old topic but exactly same issues till now.

On http://ftp.dell.com/catalog/ the file if VERY UP TO DATE, but when downloading it, there are old data there. New releases of BIOS versions are now on support pages for each model but in CATALOGPC.XML, there is still old information and we are not able to download new BIOS versions using our automatic upgrade process that is based on CATALOGPC.XML from Dell.


If vendor does not care, then how can we have our systems secure ?

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