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Missing view data for LUN/Volume components

Hello, I have an issue while I am trying to get data from EMC device. Earlier I was using wbemcli tool to get some useful data for LUN/Volume components through CIM_VolumeView className. It was my EMC VNX device with SMI-S Provider V4.6.2.3 and SE V7.6-1808 2.8, and it worked fine.

But I am trying to get the same data from VMAX device with SMI-S Provider V8.2.0.0 and SE V8.2-2153.0.0, and I am getting an error like:

```The specified class does not exist. (CIM_VolumeView is not a valid className for namespace root/emc)```

Can someone help me with this issue? How can I get the same data correctly from last one device? Can I get some documentation which describes this thing? Does this CIM_VolumeView className available on the device with such configuration or it was replaced with another one?

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