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Dell Equallogic issues


We have a dell equallogic used as ESX storage for three esx hosts.

the event log says "

active control module cache in now in write through array performance is degraded" 

This has resulted in a sluggish and very slow performance .

I have unticked both options in Members --> member name --> controllers which reads as :

use write-through mode if only one controller is functional 

use write-through mode if battery charge is below tolerance

still performance is slow and I can not find out how I can find out what mode the array is running in .

it is dell eqaullogic ps4000  model 70-0120 , chassis 1603 with control module model being 70-0120(type8)

please help if you can and all posts are highly appreciated 

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RE: Dell Equallogic issues

Hello Stranger12,

Did you do a firmware upgrade?   During the transition you will see that message, then it will go back to wrtite-back.  In the EQL GUI, select the member, then the "Controllers" tab.  You should see both controllers with same firmware.  Under "Memory Cache" you will see the status of "write-back" or "write-through"

If this is correct, most common causes of performance issues in ESXi is not being in compliance with the best practices of EQL with ESXi. 


All the steps in this Tech Report need to be done.  Some like Delayed ACK will require maint mode and a reboot.



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