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Drive Firmware Update Terminating

I am trying to update a PS6000xv with drive models ST3450856SS with revision XRH7. When running through the firmware update, after saying no to email notice, where it should be prompting to begin the firmware update process it immediately cancels stating "Update terminated at user request."

Below is the output from the update results.

Do you want to automatically send a notification e-mail when
the update completes: (y/n) :emotion-21:: n

09:15:26 This kit will update the firmware on 15 drives on this array.
09:15:27 Drives to be updated:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
09:15:27 If you proceed, please do not power off or restart the array, or remov
09:15:27 any drives until the update process completes.
Do you want to proceed (y/n) :emotion-45:: 09:15:27 Update terminated at user request.

This is trying to update with firmware dfw001b.bin, which appears to be the version necessary to upgrade this revision of these drives.

Any ideas before I call support?

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Re: Drive Firmware Update Terminating

Are you running telnet?   Telnet adds a LF character after the CR by default.   That causes the abort.

Try SSH instead.

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