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sunit and swidth values for XFS volumes

I want to create an XFS formatted volume on my PS-6210 array (RAID-6) and am looking for the appropriate/best values for sunit and swidth to use. I can only find references to using a 64k cluster size on NTFS, but it isn't clear to me how this maps to sunit or swidth. What is the size of a single stripe unit (is this 64k)? How many disks are in each stripe (is this 24-1-2=21 (disks-spare-parity))?

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Re: sunit and swidth values for XFS volumes


 The stripe size for EQL is 64K.  So if you writes are aligned on that boundary performance is optimized for writes.  Since every write will be complete write.  No extra IO operations needed. 

 it's been many years since I tuned XFS, but getting IO on that 64K boundary is what you want to configure XFS for. 


The 6210 builds two RAIDsets out of the 24 drives.  So depending on RAID level will determine number of drives will be active and how many spares. 




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