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Ask the Expert: EMC Cloud Solutions for Messaging and Collaboration


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During this Ask the Expert event, Phil Burt, Consultant Product Manager, Cloud Solutions and Jim Cordes, Technical Marketing Lead, Messaging and Collaboration Solutions, will be discussing EMC’s cloud solutions for your messaging and collaboration environment. Our experts will answer your questions with regards to public, private and hybrid cloud as it relates to your messaging and collaboration environment.

For more information, please visit our microsite to find the latest blogs, videos, and white papers: Microsoft Community https://community.emc.com/community/connect/everything_microsoft.

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Meet Your Experts:


Twitter: @jfcordes

Microsoft Infrastructure Consultant - EMC

James is part of the Commercial Microsoft Solutions Group specializing in performance measurement, trending, tuning, and storage design. He is experienced on Microsoft SQL and Exchange storage design, operations consulting, and strategic planning for Microsoft Infrastructures.


Twitter: @philburtaj

Solutions Manager - EMC Cloud Solutions

Phil has been with EMC for 16 years, starting in market research. He spent the majority of time in product management with responsibility for EMC’s storage management products, and is currently in product management to help develop EMC’s cloud solutions.

This discussion takes place from May 14th - 28th. Get ready by bookmarking this page or signing up for e-mail notifications.

How else may we be able to answer your questions?

On the same topic, Phil Burt and Jim Cordes  will be hosting a one hour CrowdChat event Thursday, May 14th from 11:00-12:00 PM EST. To RSVP follow this link:

CrowdChat: EMC Cloud Solutions, #messagingcollab

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Re: Ask the Expert: EMC Cloud Solutions for Messaging and Collaboration


I would like to welcome everyone to this ATE event, which is officially open for questions. Let's make of this discussion a productive, informative and helpful thread. Remember, no question is a silly question as this thread will remain recorded in our community and will potentially help users in months from today. So ask away and take advantage that our experts will be available to respond until May 28th. After this time expires we'll keep the thread open for the community to respond to late inquires.

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Re: Ask the Expert: EMC Cloud Solutions for Messaging and Collaboration

Roberto, thank you for helping us set this up! On May 14th we hosted our first CrowdChat, and our most popular topic was around Microsoft Ignite. @Phil_Burt when you were at Microsoft Ignite, what were customers saying about their future Cloud strategy for Microsoft Apps? James Cordes Jr. how can EMC help customers execute their strategy?

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