Dell Vostro 8 Beeps No Screen Image

I have a Dell Vostro 3550 that I booted up this morning and received 8 beeps on startup with no video being displayed.  After reading the forums here is what I have done and the reults:

  1. Boot up with External Monitor
    1. Can log in and run computer, laptop still beeps 8 times for several times then stops beeping
  2. Drain residual power from the laptop
    1. Restart computer and still beeps 8 times without vidoe
  3. Run LCD BIST
    1. Nothing displayed.
  4. Run F12 Diagnostics
    1. Error Code: 2000-0415
    2. Validation: 58622

I am assuming I have a faulty LCD Screen and/or cable but want to be sure of this before spending the money as this laptop is no longer under warranty.

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Re: Dell Vostro 8 Beeps No Screen Image

Hi Paladine_1719,

The 8 beep error code indicates LCD screen failure; the hardware diagnostics error code indicates that cable or connector issue. Try updating the latest BIOS using the link below


Please connect the Ac Adapter while updating the BIOS and do not interrupt this process until the system restarts completely. After the BIOS update run the hardware diagnostics again and check if the error code occurs?

If no error occurs then it´s a cable or connector issue. Please contact the Out of Warranty department 1-800-288-4410 (U.S.Customer only) In case you’re from a different region please get back to us.

Thanks and regards,
Senthil S
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Re: Dell Vostro 8 Beeps No Screen Image

I downloaded the new bios with latest and ran the diagnostics again.  Looks like the same error code so will contact Out of Warranty department

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