How do I make a DataSafe Recovery on a Flash Drive

bought a new Dell Inspiron i5 Laptop  did a set-up, then when it came up recommend a DataSafe back up  something to use in case of a Hard Drive Failure or something like that, then I would be able to get my computer up and running again.  I put in an 8 GB Flash Drive and it said I needed at least a 12GB, so I clicked 'cancel" went to the store and they were out of 12GB so I purchased a 16GB  then found out that I needed a 16GB. anyways when I went to find where It said DataSafe to get it onto my flash drive, I could not find anywhere that I could click onto to get it..  I did find one thing that said, Back-up clciked onto it and  it was the wrong one. only took  a few seconds to download then it said that it had Backed up my libraries, and user files. and would update every Sunday at 9 P.M.  that was NOT what i wanted.     so How do I get the DataSafe Local Back up to put onto a Flash Drive ?


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Re: How do I make a DataSafe Recovery on a Flash Drive

Erase the 16 Gig Drive and do the Datasafe Initial Backup onto that drive.

You can test that it worked because the 16 Gig Flash Drive will be BOOTABLE when its done correctly.

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