How to do factory restore for Dell Latitude E6410

My laptop is C: drive (OS) and Recovery partition is hidden .All of them came from factory

I want to do factory restore but I couldn't

I tried to go through F8 >> Advanced Boot Options, and got to the Choose a Recovery Tool, but found no option to restore to factory settings.

Under Choose a Recovery Tool, I see the following:

Start-up Repair (tried it, did nothing)

System Restore (tried it, only goes back three or four days)

System Image Recovery (tried it, told me no system image on this computer)

Windows Memory Diagnostic (didn't try, doesn't seem relevant)

Command Prompt (nothing to try since I don't know where to find the restore-to-factory-settings program)

when I reboot laptop with CD boot & I can see recovery partition And how I can see the recovery partition in Windows mode

Anyone can help that would be appreciated



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Re: How to do factory restore for Dell Latitude E6410

Hello Laun,

As you could not perform System Image Recovery from F8, there is another way to do the factory settings without going to F8.
If the computer is booting to the desktop screen, follow the steps mentioned below.
-- Click Start.
-- In Search program and files tab type in Dell Data Safe Local Backup.
-- Once the application opens.
-- Click Restore.
-- Click Restore the computer to it original factory state.
-- Click Restart at the bottom of the window.
It would start the complete pc restore automatically and take the computer to its original factory state. 
If the above steps doesn't work, then we would have to do a clean re-installation from the disks.
The following link would have the information on running the recovery from the disks.

Note: Please back up all the data before you do the Recovery.

Please try the steps and post the results, would be glad to help you further.



Thanks & Regards
Allan D
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