Inspiron 1420 Integrated WebCam

Hi, I hope someone can shed some light on this issue that I am having with the WebCam on this machine.


The problem is the WebCam is not being detected and under device manager other devices it shows up as having a yellow exclamation mark.


I have done the following;

Run the diagnostics from the supplied Dell CD which detects the Camera/Mic as being a Omnivision device, all the tests are passed at it even turns the LED blink on.

I have downloaded and installed the lastest Vista drivers also to no avail, I get the follwoing error message;

"Laptop Integrated WebCam, The required section was not found in the INF."

I have uninstalled the WebCam manager program and Console also with no result.


Any replies would be most appreciated, also to <ADMIN NOTE : Email Id removed per privacy policy> 


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