Memory Upgrade for Inspiron 6000

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I'm told my 5 yr old Inspiron 6000 is Low on Virtual Memory! Little wonder considering I play Zynga games on Facebook!

My laptop has 504 MB of RAM so I need to upgrade. Dell Support informed me the maximum RAM I can upgrade for my computer is 2 GB. Problem is, I still have no idea what upgrade I need to buy and, when I do finally buy it, I'm terribly apprehensive of installing it myself! I wish I had the Dell rep who installed my laptop 5 yrs ago! I hear such horror stories of computers being destroyed by owners who are far from qualified technicians.

Are my reservations valid? What is my best course of action because I'm fed up to the eyeballs of the pop-up which keeps telling me I'm Low on Virtual Memory! OK, so Windows (or whatever) seems to adjust my settings accordingly every time but, obviously, I'm going to need to upgrade sooner than later.

Any expert advice or comments out there?

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Re: Memory Upgrade for Inspiron 6000

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I buy my memory from http://www.crucial.com.  At crucial you can have it download a scanner and it will scan your computer.  The scan will tell you about your memory slots and what you'll need to upgrade your memory.

You can go to dell.com (Drivers and Downloads) and download the manual(s) for your computer which will show you how to install the memory boards.

Good luck.


Re: Memory Upgrade for Inspiron 6000

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Yes get the memory from Crucial (Dell Inspiron 6000). It has a scanner and scans your system, telling you what modules to buy.

Installing memory couldn't be much easier. Power down your system remove the AC adaptor and battery. Unscrew the 2 screws (hatch just above the battery), pull out the RAM cover. Clip out the old modules, clip in the new ones, replace the cover, battery, AC adaptor. Switch your machine on, you're good to go.

Performance should be much greater after that.

Also as an aside, do you have much free space left on your hard drive, a full hard drive may also limit the performance of your system.

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Re: Memory Upgrade for Inspiron 6000

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Virtual memory is not directly related to the amount of RAM you have. Your hard drive might be running out of empty space or failing.  Do a hard drive disk check to see if it's failing. Run CHKDSK   /R. Also see if the drive is almost full and clean it up if it is. The 6000 is limited to a max of 120gb drive and it really is not worth upgrading a laptop over 5 years old, IMO. Save the money for a new one.

Edit: Crucial has a 2 GB upgrade kit for $30. That would be inexpensive upgrade and it is easy to install.