Vostro 1000 Charging Problem

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I recently picked up a Vostro 1000 which was having the Unable to detect battery type warning every time it booted.

The power LED's alternated 1 green and 1 red constantly.

The batter led's did not light for either test, so I figured the battery was toast..

I replaced the battery and updated the Bios.

Now the green power light stays on constantly when plugged in. The laptop will not run on battery.

When unplugged it immediately shuts down.

Windows XP Proffessional shows the battery as charging with 39% remaining.

The battery LED's show 2 lights which I believe is 40% and that corrisponds to Windows.

The 3 second hold on the battery test shows no LED's which I believe to be a good battery.

I have tried 2 other Dell chargers and they have the same result. The charger from the Vostro charges the batteries in my other laptops fine.

I also tried shutting down and removing the charger and the battery.

I held the power button down for 1 minute then restarted with the charger only.

I then shut it back down and reinstalled the battery.

I tried this with all 3 chargers Same results.

Windows says the battery is fine with 39% and charging.

It never gets any higher than 39% and as soon as I remove the charger it shuts down.

I have searched everywhere.

I am very familiar with soldering and replacing motherboard components but have been unable to find anything on this problem.

Any Ideas would be appreciated.

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Re: Vostro 1000 Charging Problem

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The first thing to try replacing is the power jack on the mainboard - if that doesn't solve the problem, then replace the mainboard.