help disabled touch pad by mistake


Can anyone tell me how I can unlock (enable) my touch pad/cursor on my laptop ??? I have an Insipron E1705 and I do not have a manuel, nor do I have a manuel mouse/pad. . . . the actual touch pad on laptop will not allow me to move cursor to work on laptop. . .  I need help asap . . . 

Thank you so very much in advance


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Bay Wolf

Re: help disabled touch pad by mistake

How to fix the issue depends on how you disabled it.

You may have to download and reinstall the touchpad driver if for some reason the program got corrupted.

If you just happend to disable it and the program is still viable, you can enable it in the mouse control panel program.  To get there, select the Windows key, go to the Control panel and then the mouse program.  You will have to use your arrow keys to navigate to each selection.


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Re: help disabled touch pad by mistake

Hi crcov,

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If you need to download  and install the touch pad driver use the link below:


After installing go to control panel,click on Mouse,it should open up Mouse Properties,under Devices you will get an option to enable/disable Touchpad and Touch pad buttons.

Let us know if this helped.

Thank You


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RE: help disabled touch pad by mistake

Hi Roshan - 

My Dell Inspiron N7110 touchpad also is locked - I left the computer in suspended mode for several days while I was gone and when I returned the light above the touchpad is on and I cannot maneuver anywhere - I cannot even get online.

I can get (by arrows and the C key) to the control panel but then it is locked and even my arrows will not let me enter anywhere within the control panel.

I know this has something to do with the gold light above the touchpad being lit but have no idea what to do now and since I cannot get online I cannot download anything to help me. I am hoping you can!

Thank you - Jean

PS - How do you know to email me - I do not see a place to enter my email.

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RE: help disabled touch pad by mistake


Look for a button like this...



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RE: help disabled touch pad by mistake

Hi Jean,

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As correctly pointed out by Rick, the touchpad can be either enabled or disabled using the key combination FN+F3 on your Inspiron N7110 laptop.

Ideally, when the touchpad is disabled the light above the touchpad glows.

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