screen flashing red, green and blue on i8600 lcd

Smiley Sadi have a inspiron 8600 with a xga screen... ever since my move when i power on my notebook my screen is white in color during the bios screen ( no bios screen at all, no letters no nothing) just white background.. then where the win xp logo should be visible the screen seems to go into a dianostics mode, it flashes all red then all green and then blue.. the screen just repeats itself again and again flashing these colors. i can hear windows boot up to desktop and still nothing just aflashing screen of different colors. i had a quadro fx 1000 go in it at the time and thinking maybe the video card was bad i pulled it out and put my stock fx 5200 in it and the screen still does the same thing.. i tried reseating the lcd cable and nothing.. is my screen fried or is it something else???? any help appreciated....

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Re: screen flashing red, green and blue on i8600 lcd

Sounds like the display panel needs repair.
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Re: screen flashing red, green and blue on i8600 lcd

Hi!  Did you ever figure this problem out.  I did the same upgrade but ran into that problem when I would put the computer to "sleep" by swinging the screen down.  What would happen is that I would open the screen (flip it up) and then immediatly start to enter my password and hit return.  Once I did this the screen would go blank then start the white green red blue symptom that you described. 
I found that if I waited for the screen to refresh once (a noticable moment of black and then the screen was normal) then everything would work fine. 
On another note I fired up my laptop this morning and it was like the horizontal hold was all out of wack.  I put back in the old 32mb (sigh) 5200 card that origionally came with the laptop and everything is fine so I think the card got fried.  I bought the card from dell and they didnt tell me that I was buying a refurbished card (which ticked me off a little but I let it go). Anyways I'm going to retun the card and get a new one. 
But to help you diagnose your problem I dont think its the screen or cable or inverter.  I had the same problem and all those parts were fine.  I think the answer lies either in flashing the BIOS with a M60 or D800 bios (but I am not 100% certian of this and havent found enought supporting documentation yet) or finding the right driver combo.  The only other thing I can think of is that it might be over heating but I cant see how that is a problem because our problems happened on start up.
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Re: screen flashing red, green and blue on i8600 lcd

Same problem but I installed Ubuntu on the same machine before this had happened. I can boot into Ubuntu just fine with no problems! This has got to be the one of the weirdest things I've ever saw in windows. As another member of this forum said, I can hear windows booting properly (or least it sounds like it) in the background. I was installing some windows security updates along with a couple of optional updates when my computer just started flashing red, green, black, white and blue and repeating. There was no driver being installed through windows update... All I can think of is maybe the video card driver for windows was somehow corrupted.

I tried rebooting into safe mode and the same thing, the flashing of colors. If I can't find a fix I'm to reinstall Windows. I will post updates and please post if you find anything else out.  

I'm using:

*Windows 7 Home Premium

*Dell Inspiron One 2320

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