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Battery Drain

Dear Team, 

I have purchased Dell Inspiron 5590 Laptop by Rupees 60000+ on Aug 2020. Service tag is<Private Service tag removed. TOS72>. I belongs to a middle class family and 60000 amount is very much worth for us. After 3 months I am facing the issue of Battery Drain. It Drains Automatically in 2 hrs. When battery percentage will be in 15% then within a minute  directly it goes to 6% and turned off my laptop.

I have raise a issue to Technical team many times. Always they have checked battery health and other things and have said it is all fine. There is no issue and they update my bios by saying that we will kept it now on testing mode for 2 days after that you will receive a call. But I didn't received any call.

Because of your team I have loose my warranty now. In call they are not even providing a senior teams mail id to escalate it.  Please help me out. I don't want this laptop anymore. Please replace my laptop. I have invested 60000+ rupees in this laptop. Request your intervention here. 

I need to be get this done immediately. I can't keep my laptop on charging for a whole day. 

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What is the exact system model?

When did the issue start? Are you using an original Dell OEM Adapter and battery? 

Update the BIOS - - enter the service tag and download the BIOS, update and restart the machine and check.

Check the battery health in BIOS - f2 on startup.

If the system is less than a year old, we can replace the battery under warranty.

If not, you could contact our team to get a quote for a new battery here -

You could also order the battery online through Dell or other vendors if required.

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It is not resolved yet! Battery of my laptop is still draining very fast. It is drained within 2hrs. In every minute 1 or 2% it is decreasing. Please do the needfull take my laptop on remote and do the needful or else i will escalate it to Area managers and CEO Mr. Michael dell sir. 


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