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Can't download any drivers.

Recently I factory reset my notebook Inspiron 15 3567 and I can't use MaxxAudio Pro because of this pop-up 'Audio driver is not up to date, please check windows update' (there are not windows updates avaiable for me, my pc is up to date)

So I tried to install this audio driver 'high definition realtek' so the app would work, but when I do install, nothing happens, the same pop-up appears

I tried to uninstall my audio driver and install the Realtek Audio Driver, and it would say that the driver has been downloaded, but there was no realtek audio driver, and I had to rollback my laptop to get my previous audio driver back so the laptop produces sound again.

The only reason I wanna use MaxxAudio Pro is to use my headphone's mic, but if no one knows how to solve this problem it doesn't matter too much, I just wanna use my headphone's mic. If there is another option I can use instead of MaxxAudio Pro to utilize my headphone's mic, please tell me, I've been trying to solve this problem i'm facing for hours.

Thank you.

(Also, I can't download SupportAssist, the pop-up saying "a fatal error ocurred" invariably shows up while i'm trying to download it)

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This pop-ups, even though before the factory reset I could download and use the app

I tried the Dell Update application and downloaded the drivers that the app showed, but none was related to a audio driver and after I downloaded them nothing happend. It feels like my pc forgot that he is a dell's model after the factory reset.

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Try this Dell page-- Waves MaxxAudio Pro Application | Driver Details | Dell US

Laptops need drivers from Dell because Dell customizes drivers to work on the laptop board.

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Since you are not able to download Support Assist application, try downloading / installing Dell Update application from your Dell Product Support page. The Dell Update application automatically updates critical fixes and important device drivers as they become available.

Just click on your Dell model number in link below.

Drivers & Downloads | Dell US

After, choose correct operating system in your Dell Product Support page, select Dell Update application, and then download / install.

If you are not able to download Dell Update tool, then try updating Dell drivers, firmware and applications in the correct order:

How to Install Dell Drivers in the Correct Order | Dell US

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