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Dell Inspiron Plugged in, not charging

As in title, Inspiron laptop powers laptop, but usually does not charge. occasionally it will randomly offer charge again but i can find no reason why it suddenly starts working again. sure enough once taken out and reinserted, it no longer charges again. 

Have previously sent laptop back to Dell because of issues with the charger, although it wasn't the same issue. 

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Thanks for that tip.  Biggest challenge was finding my USB-C charger because my daughter swiped mine again.  Very frustrating for Inspiron 7506 2-in-1, sounds exactly same experience.  Bought new adapter didn't work.  Replaced battery, nothing.  Bought 2nd adapter same non-OEM that was working prior, nothing.  Returned that, ordered replacement OEM adapter off Dell, nothing.  At least I can get it charging now with the USB-C and it will update the BIOS which it wouldn't do with a battery < 40%.  Curious to see if the BIOS update straightens it out because I really think this started after a monthly update cycle.  I refuse to allow auto updates.

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Laptop 2-in-1 Inspiron 7386. Same thing. Second Dell charger/adapter. Regardless of whether I'm using or not will run down to 1%.. The blue light will stay on.  Rebooting [cold or soft] may result in same or fully charged. Last pm called tech support ran  thu bios testing but said i need new battery [on me]. They seem to make up warranty as parts fail. Supposed to call me monday [10-18-21] but won't hold my breath.They used to have EXCELLENT warranties [and h/w] but this is the 3rd problem in  1.5 years of use.



Not sure which model you have, or whether you have solved the problem.  I have the Inspiron 15-7569 and same issue where the power adapter will run computer but not charge.  Tried several different adapters and same issue.  The light in front that shows charge (or used for hard drive activity) would go out after several seconds but no issue running computer.   I noticed that next to the charger port, I have a USB-C port and although several people said it could not be used for charging on my model, my documentation seemed to say differently.   Just received my 45watt USB-C adapter and plugged it in.  It immediately started charging (the light stayed on) and the battery (recently replaced) went from zero to 10 in several minutes.   I thought for sure that since the USB-C needs to recognize that charger, it might not work.  Who would think that the two charging circuits are separate.  It was worth the $20 (Amazon) to buy the Dell adapter (rather than take a chance with "no-name) and give it a try.  Hope that this helps someone.  Don't be so quick to give up or to think that everyone will have the same experience.  Good Luck.... Loving that I rescued my Dell since I put a new battery, charging port and USB/PC Card adapters in this past year.   


I have this exact same issue with my Inspiron gaming 7577 laptop.  Has any one been able to resolve this without Dell wanting the motherboard replaced?  I have tried running the diagnostic, replacing the AC adapter, battery, flushing the power by disconnecting the AC adapter and battery and pressing the power button for 20 secs.  Nothing works...


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  1. Hi, Did it turn out to be entirely power adapter problem? *(asking, for I have the same not charging laptop now..)

Hey, I have a very similar problem as OP. details such as the warnings since purchase, the ac adapter appearing as unknown in the bios settings are all the same. I was able to try a friend's adapter and it was able to recognize it and charge the battery. i checked the bios just to make sure and sure enough the bios settings showed it to be 130w as it should. my friend and i both have a dell inspiron 15 7000 gaming edition. he got the model with the 1050ti and the SSD pre installed, two months after I got the model with the normal 1050 and the HDD. his adapter and mine both have the same rated 130w, 19.5v, and 6.7a. we hooked it up to a voltage meter and found mine came out at around 19.4v and his was 19.9v. our model numbers are different, mine being LA130PM121 and his being DA130PE1-00, these are the only differences we could tell. any help would be appreciated.


Hi, I have a Dell 7559 Laptop that has worked just fine for ages, then suddenly last week when I started the laptop up it had just 2% of battery life left and although the battery charge indicator shows it charging on AC mains for about 4 swips of the indicator, it then stops and the battery will not then charge. Works just fine while plugged into the mains, but that's not too good when I need to take it out and about. Suspected the battery, so changed that this morning and no change. Run the diagnostics and it states both battery and charger are correct and working fine. Tried changing the 'Battery Charge Configuration' from 'Adaptive' to 'Standard' and that didn't change anything. Tried disconnecting the AC Adaptor and battery, pressing the Power button for 20 seconds, then reconnecting battery and ac again and that didn't work, so now run out of ideas. Any help would be much appreciated at this stage. Thank you

Yeah was thinking this was probably the best way to go initially. Thanks for your help mate, ill have more info when it arrives

The unknown status means AC adapter isn't being detected in the BIOS, therefore battery will not charge. Anyway possible, you could try another adapter to see if it will be detected in the BIOS?  

AC Adapter Not Powering on the Computer or Charging the Battery

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