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Dell Inspiron the worst computer ever

I will never buy a Dell Inspiron again. It has to be the worst computer I ever used and after paying Dell so much money for support they could not even fix the problem!!!

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I agree, this laptop is absolutely horrible. Ridiculous that this costs $700, do yourselves a favor and invest in a slightly more expensive laptop or find another laptop because this one is not worth your money. Horrible battery life, horrible screen which hurts your eyes and horrible system. This laptop is so incredibly slow and I only just got it yesterday, I had owned a previous inspiron and that one was just as slow recently cause the charger port had broken and I couldn't charge the laptop properly. It keeps saying page unresponsive and takes so long to load a website and is already so laggy. Dell needs to work on improving these laptops or at least make the price $500 or less and that's being generous.  

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Same here. -- and the support people typically take mega amounts of your time in conversation to get you nowhere, or to try to avoid helping.

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Same here.

I had to upgrade or buy a new laptop for Windows 10. I opted for a new Inspiron from Dell with Windows 10 pre-installed.

It has been by far the worst computer I have ever had to deal with. The pathetic loudspeakers died within weeks. The screen has a very limited viewing angle before you get major colour and brightness changes. The contrast is so poor that on (for instance) my graphics programs by Corel I cannot see the difference between the paper and the program background.

The laptop sits on a table at home and is hardly ever unplugged. Yesterday I had to unplug it for ten minutes and now it refuses to recognise its own Dell Power Supply (another extremely common fault apparently!) and cripples the performance. That's shocking.

The idea of having a single jack socket for input and output is infuriating and the auto-sensing regularily fails to work - I plug in a pair of earbuds and the sound continues to splutter out of the broken loudspeakers. I have wasted so much time reinstalling Realtek drivers and the Waves software over and over again (and every Windows or Dell update tends to break it again). 

The DVD drive can barely read an audio CD if it has the tiniest scratch (one that is completely ignored by any other CD drive or player). Windows regularily "loses" the DVD drive completely.

As for software, even after I had only installed Microsoft Office and MS OneDrive, I was already beginning to think there was something wrong. It is INCREDIBLY slow. 

Now almost exery program struggles to start up and I see "not responding" in the title bar almost every time. Boot up from a restart often takes 10-15 minutes and there is almost constant 100% disk activity according to Task Manager (never the same program, EVERYTHING does it. If I force close the highest reading culprit, something else just takes over).

Today I was listening to Spotify, closed the lid, and had to reinstall the program from scratch. This sort of thing is just normal now.

I have a regular "zoom" type meeting and I often miss half of the meeting because I keep having to re-boot to solve freezing or lagging problems (which then takes 10 minutes to get back to where I was).

Never again.


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I have come to the conclusion that Dell really don't care past the point of sale.  I have just bought an Inspiron 3881, which is not fit for purpose.  It is sold with windows10 and all the dell addons and it is slower, and more unpredictable than any other pc that I have ever owned.  Support is beyond useless, and they say it's a software issue?  I haven't installed anything since I got it, and it's always been slow.  I argued that it was a problem from the time it left the factory, but the support analyst said I'd have to discuss it with the software? dept at my cost.

Apart from it's inability to perform as a pc, (the lack of sufficient memory etc), I have sent them two videos of electrical issues with their hardware:  On Button and faulty dvd drive. They kindly informed me that the problem had been closed, and advised that I contact support to raise a new issue.  They did thank me for choosing dell.

And all of this occurred because I needed a new pc to be compatible with my musical software and soundcard.  Prior to commiting to purchase, I explained to a sales member that it was essential that I could use my old PCI soundcard in this new pc. However, ther is NO pci slot in it.  So I've wasted time, money and 3 afternoons with support, and I'm left with a useless box and electrical faults. It takes about 10 minutes from 'power on' to open a browsers home page, and that's if it's not gone into sleep mode whilst loading. Otherwise 15ish minutes.  It never speeds up from there.  


You may have better luck with suggestions if you post to the correct forum - this one is for notebook computers;  your system is a desktop.



Thanks for your input. I posted it to the Inspiron comm because there is no indication from 'my' entry point that this section was notebook specific.  I will repost in the correct area. Thanks

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Same for me. I have an old Inspiron 15 3555, when I buy it at the store, excited and thought this new PC will run fast, who knows booting it up, the screen flickering too much and laggy. I downloaded Zoom and use it, and found out BOTH camera and microphone weren't usable. And it always has strange lines flickering on that cheap screen. So I decided to buy a Dell G3 to see did it the same at that stupid Inspiron 15 3555. At least that Dell G3 3500 satisfied me. I don't think there is going to have a computer in my attic, but that Inspiron 15 3555 makes me so mad. And now, that Inspiron 15 3555 was now on my attic.

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The screen brightness changes constantly . support people have no solution to this problem. I wasted two weeks. Those guys keep experimenting with stuff. Secondly the speaker died and i have to reboot to get it up . It give static noise like a high volume radio.Thirdly the fan is directed to the screen . the screen heats up incredibly.

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