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Dell Recycling refuses to print shipping label for an old Inspiron to send back to recycle

Here's where I went to fill out the form and submit for recycling:


I filled out everything required and clicked Submit. On the next page, I was asked to read over and confirm and then either click Edit to change anything or click the "Get your label" button. Upon clicking the "Get your label" button, an error pops up with the following:

"Unfortunately, we cannot generate your shipping label due to technical errors. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later."

I've been trying this for several days now and even got my friends, family, and coworkers to see if they could do it and the server returns the same error. I even called various Dell support teams and a few were able to replicate the error and told me who to email. I got an email back from one of them eventually and they said they would escalate the issue and let me know. It has been a few days and I have yet to hear from them.

PS: I know. I could have my old labtop recycled in other places but since I bought it from Dell, I just personally prefer to return straight back to them as I believe they'll be the ones who will be best at reincarnating their old creations to the modern day ones.

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Dell recently fixed its glitch so I already sent the PC back to them for recycling. Sorry.

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Where are you located? I’m fixing up an old Inspiron and XPS for friends. I’d love to get your old one for parts. I’m in Toronto. 

If the location isn’t practical, could you send me some of the screws? This one is missing some screws. I could tell you which ones to remove. 

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Dell recently fixed its glitch so I already sent the PC back to them for recycling. Sorry.

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