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Dell Touchpad Missing - Inspiron 7548

Hi all,

I've recently installed some updates using a piece of software called IOBit Driver Booster, after Dell's SupportAssist had been struggling for months with a particular update which would continuously fail.

This rogue update seems to have successfully installed now and Driver Booster seemed to find other updates that it suggested my laptop needed, but in the process, my touchpad has gone missing...

List of updates Driver Booster made shown below:




There is nothing visible in Device Manager except the external mouse I am using, and it doesn't show up when I switch on 'hidden devices' either.

I have seen multiple posts online of people experiencing similar issues, on my model and others.

Does anyone know a solution?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Dell Touchpad Missing - Inspiron 7548

There are a lot of posts on computer forums about those driver programs that supposedly update your drivers.  Many posts about the problems because of them, including old drivers, wrong drivers, etc.

Best to avoid them, ONLY use drivers from the vendor's downloads (Dell in this case).  You can manually download any needed or updated driver if you don't like the Dell support assist program.  The iObit program gets good reviews but obviously didn't do you any good.

Not sure how you recover.  If you have a disc image (backup) of your system before doing whatever you did use that and restore.  If not, you may have to do a factory restore.

7548 Dell Downloads:


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Re: Dell Touchpad Missing - Inspiron 7548

Hi @fireberd. Thanks for your response. Yes, I would rather use only official channels to download drivers and updates, but unfortunately, SupportAssist had been failing me for months, and going via Dell's website didn't work either - it kept falling over at the same download. To be honest, my laptop is now running faster and quieter than it was before. The fan whirring increasingly loudly over the last few months drove me to find another solution. I miss the convenience of having the touchpad and would like it back if possible, but I quite often use a mouse anyway, and I have the touchscreen available as well. On balance, IObit's software has helped more Dell's.
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