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First boot up out of the box

Been a while since I had a new Windows machine and already starting to think I made a mistake switching away from Apple. 

I have a new Dell G5 gaming laptop 15inch, just taken it out the box and trying to start it for the first time. I’ve set up the language, keyboard and WiFi ok but now seem to have hit a wall. It’s been stuck on a page for about an hour now with a message ‘Now we have some important setup to do’. I have a spinning wheel but no other indication that it’s doing anything. Is this normal for a first power up? Don’t want to force a restart in case I’m interrupting something. 



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It is probably downloading and installing lots of Windows updates.

Depending on which version of Windows 10 Home is on the hard drive, it may also be going from 1909 to 2004.



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how fast is your internet connection as some of these updates can take a while on a slow connection.
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Perhaps the Windows setup wizard hit a snag? Shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to completely finish the setup wizard. I usually skip connecting to a WiFi network so that I can bypass the mandatory Microsoft account sign-in step and create a local account instead, so I'm skipping a few things there.

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So I left it over night and it seems to have sorted itself out. I guess as suggested it was downloading updates in the background. Shame it doesn’t display a progress indicator to reassure you it’s doing something. 

Thanks for everyone’s help.

Thanks for letting us know We'll archive this thread this. Should you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to us.

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Got mine delivered today and I am running into the same issue. Been plugged in for last hour showing the same message “Now we have some ....”

Looks like all G5’s have this problem. Did not run into this with my XPS which I purchased last November. 

it takes an age to setup first time around. In my case it was the evening so I left it over night. Just leave it to run. 

It came back after 3 hrs last night and was able to finish setting up my laptop last night



Boot up again.

Make sure everything works.

Run Disk Cleaner with System Files option to rid the hard drive of leftover files. 


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