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Getting the proper M.2 bracket for my G3 15 (3579)


I bought a G3 with a 128 GB NVME SSD. The card itself is a 2230 form factor and the cooling and retaining bracket is made for it.

I'm contemplating the idea of buying  a bigger sized  NVME. Most of them come in 2280 form factor. 

I know the G3 can hold such form factor, but I need the retaining bracket for it. And I searched the Dell site for information about it and found nothing.

So do any of you know the exact P/N I need and where to buy it ?

Many thanks in advance for your help !

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To get this information you need to log on to support, enter your model number and most importantly Enter your Service Tag Number. 

That will open all the hardware information on your Particular notebook, You should download and read your Service Manual there you will find out how to open your notebook

Chances are the bracket holding the 2230 is reversible to hold a 2280 my 512GB 2230 did your service manual will show you this and how to use. If this is not the case the perhaps through Support? you can also look on eBay Amazon and Newegg

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Thank you for your answer.

I have done this a long time ago.

The bracket is not symmetrical so turning it is a no-no.

Have a nice day.

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Welcome to the Dell Community  @GeorgesGiralt 

You are looking for the Solid-State Drive Shield/Thermal Support Bracket

Dell G3 15 Service Manual:

I could not find the part number for your model.

If the Parts People can't help you find the part, you could try a "Chat" with Dell.

Best regards,




Long story short, I could contact Dell using email and asked the very same question.

The answer was this part does not exist.

But I'v" got a pair of pictures on the Internet showing NVME bracket support for a Dell G3 (3579).

The fist one bears the P/N ET21C000300 and is identical to the one in my G3.

The second one bears the P/N ET21C000110 and is identified as a 2280 NVME bracket.

So Dell does not know what they put into their devices or refuses to disclose this strategic and crucial information.

I so disappointed in Dell ! I was thinking I bought not only a prime product but also a prime support. Well I didn't.

I'll manage to buy this part outside Dell and use my 2280 SSD ....



If you look in Dells own manual you can see the " Solid-State drive shield "

SSD Shield.PNG

And if you look real close the number on it is " ET21C000110 "

Dell OEM G Series G3 3579 Thermal Support Bracket for M.2 SSD - HM4TX w/ 1 Year Warranty:

Best regards,



Which is "out of stock" ... I asked them and they do not know if they can get another one... any soon.

I still wait for Dell to answer.

It seems I'm chasing the Holy Grail.



"Out of Stock" Yeah I know.

The link was meant more to prove it does exist and what the Dell Part Number is. "HM4TX"

You could also leave a notification request with the Parts People???

Best regards and good luck,



It took Dell a week to answer my first query, so I do not expect any answer before Christmas. And I bet the answer will be "there is no such part in a Dell computer" or something like it.

Hapilly this machine is not mission critical...

I've found a sheet of aluminum in my garage. Guess what I'll do this week end ?  i already have the thermal pad...

What I really would be delighted to know is if Dell knows what parts go into each machine, has a BOM for each computer or if this information is so secret Mr Dell himself has a safe in it's office with the information in it ...

I've asked computer people at work. They do not buy any Dell machine anymore, having experienced too much problem with Dell... So I'm not alone



Dell has some of the worst published manuals ever!!!

Take the HP ZBook I'm using now.

I can go to the manual and look at a complete parts breakdown of the laptop.

Parts Breakdown.PNG

It lists every part and a corresponding part number for everything that was tested/sold with the unit.

Dell could learn a few things from them.



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