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Inspiron 13 - 5368: LCD not working but touch function ok

I have an Inspiron 13 5000 series (5368) running on Windows 10.
The display has stopped working - it is completely off. There is no physical damage to the screen or anywhere else in the computer.
I have tried the troubleshooting steps as indicated here:
- I can see the desktop on an external monitor (and there I can see that the touch function of the laptop's screen still works - for clicking, though not for moving the cursor; also this monitor only receives signal when Windows is loading or operative - it does not display the BIOS screen)
- There is no physical damage on the screen
- The device manager can detect it under HID as a functional generic PnP display.
- Tried the hardware diagnostics but I can only see pitch black.
- The problem persists in Safe Mode.
- Updated the BIOS, chipset driver (Intel Chipset Device Software Driver), video card driver (Intel HD Graphics driver), but not the monitor driver (could not find one for my service tag), no improvement.
- Windows is up to date (and see below)
- There’s no point changing the video/display settings as this is not a performance problem, it just does not work at all. Similarly doing stress tests on the hardware is pointless, this is not a robustness/reliability issue.
- The touchscreen is responsive as stated above.
- Restored Windows (keeping personal files); did not solve the problem. But after that the device manager under HIDs did not find a display (it did find the touchscreen), but under monitors it detects both the external monitor (a Toshiba identifiable as a TSB… model in the driver's name of the Generic PnP Monitor) and the laptop’s screen (identifiable as BOE06A7).
- Did not do a factory reset as this seems a HW problem.
I guess this needs to be taken to a shop for a HW repair/substitution (out of warranty). Confirmation or alternative suggestions (e.g. should I really do a factory reset?) would be really wellcome.
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Inspiron 13 - 5368: LCD not working but touch function ok

Hi there,I have the exact same problem. My touch screen stopped working a couple days ago. All my devices are apparently up to date however the touch screen doesn't respond. I failed all the Dell online diagnostic tests for the touchscreen too and have sent them an email (currently out of office hours).Did you have any luck?

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Re: Inspiron 13 - 5368: LCD not working but touch function o

I have the same exact problem with my 5638.  Happened in June.  I wonder if an update killed the display.  I wonder if Dell is going to acknowledge this. 

How did you fix the problem, or did you?

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