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Inspiron 15 7000 - Shutdown Menu Keeps Popping Up, Followed by Total Malfunction

Please Dell, Help!

Recently, this problem occurred to me.

Doesn't matter what I'm doing, be it playing games, watching videos or simply writing documents. Suddenly every windows are closing and i keep getting the shut down mne pop up. And then followed by total malfunction of the keyboard. Every button i push would just close the shut down menu and then opening it back.

At first,it occurred rarely. Like once every three hour or so. 

Now it's getting worse, my laptop has become completely unusable.

Does anyone experience the same problem?

Please help

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Update: Shutdown Menu Keeps Popping Up

I just found that since my service warranty  has expired, no help will be given in this thread.

Not even a simple info about the problem.

Just great.

Never again buying a dell product.

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