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Inspiron 5537 BIOS / IRST errors

I have an Inspiron 5537 that is consistently throwing BSODs with IaSTORa errors. My research seems to point to two things - Dell Support Assistant says I have an urgent BIOS update to install (current version is May 2019) and issues is Intel Rapid Storage Technology.

When I download the BIOS update, it goes through the update process as expected, but when i check the system using MSINFO32, it still says May 2019. And I downloaded two IRST Driver updates from Dell Support Assistant, but they both failed to install.

Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. I've had three BSODs crashes in the last 90 mins!

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Re: Inspiron 5537 BIOS / IRST errors

I would go to support and download all the latest driver for your notebook, Forget about update assist and dell update.

To get this information you need to log on to support, enter your model number and most importantly Enter your Service Tag Number. 

That will open all the hardware information on your Particular notebook, The download section will have all the latest driver for your paticular notebook

Check the actual BIOS Rev number against what your notebook already has installed. Chipset Info files are important, 

Update your BIOS from within your BIOS if it needs to be updated.

Not sure why the IRST driver is not installing unless it not the version for your paticular notebook? The ones from your Service Tag support page should work and install.

The Intel  IME driver should be updated,also the Intel IO driver 

Also have your run the hardware diagnosis from a F12 Boot, this will verify that your hardware is good.

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