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Inspiron 5570 issues


My Inspiron 5570 started to go into a loop with preparing auto repair. I have reinstalled widows 10 using the repair portal several times. It will install windows and then reboot and come back to the preparing auto repair.

I have done the hardware test and no faults found.

i decided to change the hard drive.

No it will not turn on!

I have followed the instructions on the forum for removing the battery and memory, holding the power key for 30 seconds and trying to start with no success.

i have put the old hard drive back in and it will not power up.

when i plug the charge lead in there is a white light for about 2 seconds.

i am still within my warranty. Is there anything else I can try to get the system working. I have spent 2 days working on this and I am so frustrated now that I am thinking if buying a new laptop.



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If you haven't yet, leave the battery disconnected.  Will the system then power up?


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