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Inspiron 7570 Power up on USB-C connection

Hello Everyone,

I'm wondering if there is any option or BIOS update to enable the Inspiron 7570 to power up on USB-C connection. I have a USB-C monitor (P2419HC) and I switch between my work laptop Latitude 5500 and my personal Inspiron 7570 using the USB-C cable. So, whenever I plug the cable into the Latitude, it powers up and I'm ready to go without having to open the lid and press the power button. However, with the the Inspiron, it doesn't power up.

After looking into the BIOS options, I found that the Latitude has the "Wake on Dell USB-C Dock" option, and although it it isn't a dock, it's just a monitor, it powers up, while the Inspiron has only "Enable USB Wake Support", and so, it doesn't power up with just plugging the USB-C cable.

I usually hibernate or turn off the machine I'm not using so it needs to be powered up, not just waked up. Any thoughts?

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Re: Inspiron 7570 Power up on USB-C connection

@unxpected  I guess for the purposes of that BIOS option you found, a Dell USB-C display is considered a dock -- which sort of makes sense given that it provides power, serves as a video output, and offers USB ports.  In any case, the "USB Wake support" option you found on your Inspiron is different.  That allows your system to be woken up by input from peripherals such as USB keyboards and mice.  The risk to that option is that if you have a wireless mouse receiver plugged into your laptop, enabling that can cause your system to be woken up inadvertently, potentially while it's in your laptop bag or something, which at best will drain your battery and at worst can cause your laptop to overheat.  Anyway, if you don't have the "Wake on Dell USB-C docks" option in your Inspiron system's BIOS, then I don't think there's a way to achieve that behavior.  (I actually deliberately DISABLED that because there were plenty of times I just wanted to plug my laptop in for charging without it actually powering on.)  In any case, for whatever reason Dell hasn't implemented full docking functionality on their Inspiron and Alienware systems.  For example, most Dell docks have Power buttons that can be used to power the system on from shutdown and such.  This works on Latitude, XPS, Precision, and I believe Vostro systems, but Inspiron and Alienware systems don't have the firmware support to be controlled from that dock Power button, which is annoying to Inspiron owners who want to be able to power their system on while the lid is closed.  So I suspect lack of this option is another manifestation of that lack of full/enhanced docking station support that still seems to exist on Inspiron systems.  Sorry!

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