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Lets talk hardware diagnostics...

I would very much like some help with my Inspiron 7501.

For some VERY silly reason, it was designed to start hardware diagnostics when put to sleep.

Now the reason why this is even worse than just massively wasting my battery is that whilst doing that, it tends to heat up like an oven. Of course, this wouldn't be that terrible if after finishing the diagnostics it would go back to sleep. Unfortunately, it doesn't. It actually requires you to confirm the completed diagnostics before it stops heating up like the sun itself.

This combination works very poorly when you are out and about. I would know.

I had the thing in my laptop carrier for about half an hour before I realised that the bag was nice and warm, helping me ward off the cold of the early morning. While that felt nice, I instantly knew something was wrong and rushed to take it out of the bag. I almost dropped it.

As you can imagine, it was quite the hot cookie.

Jokes aside, I cannot begin to fathom why would it be designed that way. It could actually damage the laptop.

Could I request a workaround? Please? Pretty please?

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went there & NOT related.

Since your with dell, search 7501 and you'll easily find 5 posts about this problem, whereas sleep creates havoc.

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