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Lost USB dongle for wireless mouse and keyboard?

I've brought dell wk117 keyboard and mouse combo from a retailer. 

Recently I've lost my USB dongle. help me out were can I find it to buy or is there any other way to use it.

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I tried but no visible devices on bluetooth, please help

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Welcome to the Dell Community  @Vabesh 

The only reason to have a "Dongle" is if your laptop does not have bluetooth.

If your laptop does not have bluetooth then you will need to purchase/borrow a dongle.

Computers that have bluetooth should be able to link/pair to most keyboards, mice, headsets, speakers etc

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Borrow a dongle;  turn off computer;  plug in dongle; take battery out of mouse; turn on computer; ........ put battery in mouse, place it near dongle.

Mouse should find dongle, make friend with it, work as intended.

If works, (it did for me) purchase a handful of dongles on ebay.

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