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Re: Dell Inspiron 5559 Faulty Lid Switch

I previously posted about my Dell Inspiron 5559 which has a faulty reed switch. I was able to find its location on the laptop but haven't opened it up yet as I haven't been able to find and purchase it. Kindly anyone share a picture of what this Reed/Lid Switch looks like so I can buy it from the local market or share an online link of it.

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I have a Dell Inspiron 5559 and lately it has been causing this problem. The display even when in use goes black and turns back on randomly.

Upon taking a look at Event Viewer, the cause of screen turning off and laptop going to sleep was either the power button or the lid.
I tweaked the power settings to do nothing when the lid is closed. The display still turns off randomly but the laptop doesn't go to sleep during this.
I have come to a conclusion that my Lid/Reed/Hall sensor switch is faulty which I need to replace. But the problem is I cannot find it anywhere online and could even find a picture of it on the internet.
Kindly help me regarding this and share any link or picture of this switch and how to replace it. This issue is annoying me and interrupting my work as the laptop is pretty much unusable at this point.

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Re: Dell Inspiron 5559 Faulty Lid Switch



Click my name and private message me the pc service tag number as well as your registered name, email address, and phone number.


Click here to download the online service manual.




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