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Recover inspiron 1525 password


I have an old Inspiron 1525 with Windows Vista and a broken screen. I want to recover everything that is on the internal disk, but I forgot the user password. Is there any way to recover it?

In case there is not, is there any way to recover the data inside the internal disk by taking it off and loading it somewhere else?


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Remove the hard drive.

Buy USB-to-SATA adapter cable.

Connect hard drive to another PC with the cable.

Copy files from hard drive.


If you want to sell the laptop, put the hard drive back and use DBAN to wipe the hard drive.



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You'll need to call Dell for the master password - the call is paid.
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Have you created a password reset disk? Find out it and insert it to your laptop.

Step 1: In the Windows Vista login screen, select your user account and enter a wrong password. Select "OK" whe it tells you the user name or password is incorrect. 

Step 2: Open the reset password under the password box. On password reset wizard, select "Next".

Step 3: Select the password reset disk from drive list and then select "Next".

Step 4: Choose a new password and then select next.

Step 5: Click "Finsh". Then log on to the user account with the new password.

If you don't have a password reset disk, try these: Use a Windows Vista installation DVD to reset forogtten user account password with Command Prompt. From here you can find the step-by-step guide.


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