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Supportassist OS Recovery "reset to factory settings" not accessible. How do I fix this?

I have Inspiron 3576 with Service TAG: <Service tag removed>


I want to restore OEM factory installtion on my laptop just like how it was shipped to me thr first time I installed my laptop. However, "reset to factory settings" used to be availablr to me, but I made a stupid mistake and chose the other option next to it which is "reset and update" and after I done this, I no longer able use reset factory settings anymore.


Please I need help with this. I desperately need to use that reset factory option no matter what. How do I make SupportAssist OS Recovery detects the factory image of my system again? I tried media creation tool of windows 10, then on hdd partitions, I saw both "OEM Image" and "supportassist oem" partitions on my Hard drive. Does that mean I can still go back to factory setting if I merge or make use of "oem image" partition?

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