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Trying to disable the integrated NIC in BIOS

My model is an Inspiron 15 5579. I removed the installed WLAN card on the NGFF/M.2 port to use the port for another purpose so I need to disable the integrated NIC to use this port for something different than wireless connection. According to people in other forums there should be an option in BIOS setup to disable integrated/onboard NIC but I can't find this option anywhere in BIOS. I have an version 1.11.0(latest) BIOS driver on the computer. Do anyone know a way to disable the integrated NIC on my computer?

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Re: Trying to disable the integrated NIC in BIOS

Welcome to the Dell Community  @Frankz55 

Your BIOS may have the option to disable the "Embedded Land Controller"???

And if disabled it would not lend itself to any other use as it would be "DISABLED"

What "Something Different" are you trying to use the WLAN slot for???

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Re: Trying to disable the integrated NIC in BIOS

I'm confused. The "Integrated NIC" does not refer to the WLAN card.  It refers to wired Ethernet.  You do not have to disable the wired Ethernet port to use the M.2/NGFF slot for a different purpose.  You also do not need to do anything else in the BIOS to disable WLAN.  The system will automatically notice that the WLAN card isn't installed.  So just install whatever other card you want.

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